The Sensormatic AMB-2011 table top deactivation solution is designed specifically for retailers with low to medium through put at the point-of-sale (POS). The AMB-2011 deactivates labels up to 10cm (4in) and detects at a height of up to 15.2cm (6in). Its rectangular architecture allows for easy integration into check stands; the AMB-2011 can be utilized as a table top unit, mounted vertically or installed flush into the counter top. The sleek design requires little room at the POS allowing retailers to Maximize valuable counter space. The user friendly design virtually eliminates failures to deactivate labelled merchandise. Audible and visual feedback features, help eliminate false alarms and improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, the AMB-2011 has scanner interlock capability to help prevent sweet hearting by only allowing deactivation with a valid bar-code scan. The new keypad located at the top of the AMB-2011 allows cashiers to control the volume and tone of the deactivator making it easily disguisable from other POS equipment, enable the double checker function and initiate the power save mode to prevent theft by turning off.


Ease of Installation. Cutting the counter is not required for table top and vertical mounts.

Maximizes Counter Space. The small antenna design allows retailers to maximize counter space.

Audible and Visual Indicators. Provide confirma-tion that labels have been detected and deactivated.

Addresses Internal Theft. Scan-enable functionality limits collusion by allowing deactivation only after a valid barcode scan.

Double Checking Capability. Helps ensure successful deactivation by alerting the cashier if a label has been detected but not deactivated, reducing failures to deactivate and false alarms.

SmartEAS Compatibility. The AMB-2011 is com-patible with Local Devices Manager (LDM), allowing retailers to capture store data through detailed reports that help identify trends, store challenges and potential shrink issues.